Our professional services team provides a variety of services around implementation, data migration and training, helping you to install and use HOBI™ in record time


Your HOBI™ solution project

The deployment of your specific HOBI™ solution can be completed in record time so that your team can begin leveraging the features of the award-winning MicroStrategy enterprise analytics and mobile platform typically in weeks, not months.

The following Professional Services are typically included in the project that our team will help you manage to develop your HOBI™ solution:

Our implementation approach allows you to begin using your HOBI™ solution quickly and successfully. Learn More

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Custom Extensions
Our pre-developed technology objects architecture facilitates the process of adding custom features as required to fit your requirements. Learn More

Data Integration
We help you capture the proper data and integrate the corresponding feeder systems to your HOBI™ solution. Learn More


Customer Support
We provide you with personalized support, in alignment with the technical support offered by our technology partners. Learn More

Our training experts, combined with our existing toolset. will help your company to develop a mature BI culture. Learn More


Technology Upgrades
We assist you in keeping your HOBI™ solution compatible with the latest versions of the technology platform. Learn More

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We help you successfully implement and deploy your HOBI™ solution in record time. Our "Quick-Hit Implementation" process consists of 9 basic steps that help our customers jump-start their Hospitality BI culture and go-live with a ready-to-use solution in weeks. A by-product of this approach is that all components will be in place from day one to allow users to begin exploiting the benefits of your HOBI™ solution, and its underlying enterprise analytics platform.

1. Agree on scope and timeline
Understand your specific decision making process and data analysis requirements, identifying the main limitations you’re currently experiencing.

2. Setup cloud environment
Configure the different components of the target solution to be aligned with the selected technology platform based on your sizing needs, and establish the communication channels to data sources.

3. Review & Confirm Data Sources
Assess the type and source of data available within your organization and establish the migration path to clean up and prepare it for business intelligence use.

4. Update Data Warehouse
Gather all required data and populate the data warehouse tables creating a centralized data repository of properties and all their related attributes.

5. Configure Mappings
Map the specific transaction codes used in source data files to the corresponding property, departments, accounts and KPIs defined in the data warehouse.

6. Complete data conversion
Prepare and process historic data, populating all the tables needed to display the information on the grids and graphs available in the standard dashboards.

7.Train the trainers
Apply the train the trainer cascading technique, preparing users to navigate through the different dashboards extracting the maximum value and in the most efficient way. 

8.User Acceptance Test
Run thorough tests of your HOBI™ solution, verifying that all data populated is correct and ready for live usage, and the solution properly runs on the selected platform.


Complete all final deployment tasks, and open your HOBI™ solution for general availability, monitoring that everything is progressing as planned.

Related Implementation Services

As the specific scope of the implementation of your HOBI™ solution may differ from other customer’s (due to such things as size and operational complexities), we employ the latest best practices to assist you to integrate your solution with other transactional and reporting systems and processes. This approach allows the delivery of a solution that complies with the proper controls, governance and transparency from inception to completion.

Enterprise Architecture
We assist in the creation of the master blueprint of the target BI environment which includes charting out the inter-alignment of business planning, operations, automation, technological infrastructure and applications integration. This serves as the road-map for the design, development and deployment projects, facilitating their completion on time and on budget.

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Program Management
Regardless of the scope of the project, our team applies an agile program management approach that offers a simple framework promoting communication and reflection on past work among team members. The end result is a project that meets customer needs, delivered with minimal costs, waste, and time.

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Data Integration


One of the key success factors of any Business Intelligence solution is the quality and integrity of the data being displayed in its dashboards and reports. To achieve this objective, the BI solution needs to rely on a platform that properly integrates data from disparate sources across the organization. Our Data Integration services includes the analysis of the source data, training your team in the use of sophisticated data preparation and analysis tools, configuration of the corresponding standard ETL processes included in the pre-defined HOBI Foundation tool set, and, if needed, design, develop and deploy additional data integration processes. 

Standard data import templates
Predefined MS Excel or XML based templates allows easy capture of financial data, including actual, forecast and budget values.


Configurable custom integrations
Additional sources of data can easily be added to the pre-configured HOBI Foundation platform using the predefined HOBI RestAPIs and adding the corresponding Connectors and Pipelines.

Flexible Mapping Templates
Map the codes used in your data sources to the specific property, department, account and/or KPI in the data warehouse.


Data discovery tools
Leverage MicroStrategy's Data Wrangling tools to facilitate the data preparation and cleanup process.

Pre-Configured STR data integration
All weekly and monthly STR related Information is captured from direct feeds provided by STR to your specific FTP sites.


Multiple Data Sources
Integrate additional data sources, such as big data, cloud, ODBC, social, and local sources, directly into your analytics platform.




Our Training Services help ensure that your project team and users are prepared to use your HOBI™ solution and its associated components prior to system go-live. Being prepared gives users the confidence and knowledge they need in order to use the solution to its fullest while you reap the benefits of a sound return on your investment.

Dashboard Navigation Training
Allows business users to access, use, and navigate through all dashboards of your HOBI™ solution, with their specific device platform characteristics, such as iPad, Desktop or iPhone.


DW & Pipeline Management Training
Empowers key business users and system administrators in the effective use and management of your HOBI™ solution’s Data Warehouse and ETL Process execution.

Self-Service Analytics Training
Encourages users to access the Intelligent Cubes of your HOBI™ solution to create their own insights of the data based on the powerful data discovery features of MicroStrategy Analytics tool. 


System Admin Training
Provides IT and system administrators practical training on MicroStrategy's utilities to monitor & maintain your HOBI™ solution's metadata and cubes, including security.

MicroStrategy Analytics Training
Provides detail training on all features of MicroStrategy's Analytics tool, including the new data preparation (aka wrangling) features, and enhanced visualizations.


Training for Custom Extension
Allows IT and internal developers effective use of your HOBI™ solution’s components to facilitate the development of custom extensions to the implemented solution.


Custom Extensions


You can easily extend the reach of your HOBI™ solution once implemented by leveraging the power of the MicroStrategy enterprise analytics platform, and the flexibility and ease-of-use of the custom extension features included in the standard tool set that our team used to configure and deliver your HOBI™ solution. In addition to our training services on how to develop these custom extensions, our Professional Services team can assist you in the creation of additional customer specific features, such as:

Additional modules
Create additional modules accessed directly from the Home Page of your HOBI™ solution.


Additional traditional reports
Create reports based on existing or new information to be distributed via PDF format or integrated to Microsoft Office tools. 

Additional visualizations
Create additional visualizations associated to the existing dashboards included in your HOBI™ solution. 


Integrate Self-Service Analytics
Include visualizations and intelligent cubes created by business users using the MicroStrategy's Analytics tool.

Additional metadata components
Add new metrics, attributes, datasets, and intelligent cubes to extend the functionality of your HOBI™ solution.


Additional DW and ETL processes
Expand the Data Warehouse and ETL processes included in your HOBI™ solution with additional sources of data and integrate with MicroStrategy's metadata.


Customer Support


Our customers depend not only on the stability of the HOBI™ solution that we implemented, but also on our team's experience in supporting this type of solutions. Our Customer Support team provides very personalized support and works very close with its technology partners to assist our customers in all technical and functional aspects around the HOBI™ solution that we implemented.

Standard Multi-Channel Support
Customers have 12/5 access to technical support team during standard business hours via telephone, e-mail, and online chat.


Liaison with MicroStrategy Support
We facilitate the communication between our customer's IT team and MicroStrategy's Technical Support organization.


Customized Support
We can customize the levels and type of support to consider our customer's specific requirements.  



Technology Upgrades

We help our customers successfully implement and deploy all software updates and upgrades of the MicroStrategy platform used by the HOBI™ solution that we implemented. To receive this type of assistance, customers must subscribe to MicroStrategy’s Maintenance and Support Plan and to our HOBI™ solution Update Program.

Regular software updates
Scheduled to be released every 3 months, these updates include fixes and minor product enhancements. We help our customers deploy these regular MicroStrategy software updates, and make any necessary adjustments to the HOBI™ solution that we implemented to assure its proper functioning.

Access to hot fixes
Whenever a critical issue is detected, MicroStrategy releases hot fixes and make them available for immediate deployment. We help our customers deploy all applicable MicroStrategy Hot Fixes, and make any necessary adjustments to the HOBI™ solution that we implemented to assure its proper functioning.

Upgrades to new releases
Scheduled to be release every 12 months, new releases include new modules or adoptions on newer technologies. We help our customers deploy all applicable MicroStrategy new releases , and make any necessary adjustments to the HOBI™ solution that we implemented to assure its proper functioning.


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