Map and integrate your data

Integrate external and internal data into a standardized platform through configurable mapping and transformation processes. This facilitates the compliance with your company's business rules and industry guidelines, and support your Income Audit process


Powerful Mapping & Income Audit

Our data integration and mapping functionality allows you to integrate internal and external data from user defined applications as well as operational transactional data from your industry specific applications, such as Property Management Systems (PMS),  Point of Sales (POS) systems, etc., and support your Income Audit process, based on a flexible mapping model compliant with your organization business reporting rules, and providing an audit trail to support your data governance policies.

Integration with ERP Systems
Includes out-of-the-box integration with widely used ERP applications, and uses standard methods to create additional integrations.

Alternative Input Channels
Uploads external data via a direct integration with the source system, via uploads from MS Excel or similar files, and/or via manual data entry.

Map Data from Operational Systems
Map the data from Property Management Systems (PMS), Point of Sales (POS), and any other system to your Accounting & Financial System.

Capture Daily or Monthly Figures
Data can be captured either on a daily, weekly, monthly or when available basis, including Trial Balances from external general ledger systems.

Integrated Income Audit Workflow
Explorer & Edit Tool allows data entry users and/or Income Auditors to review, edit, audit, and load transactions into your accounting and financial application.

Capture Actual, Forecast and Budgets
Allows powerful aggregation and variance reporting of both accounting and operational statistical information.

Integration for Standardization

Centrally maintain your Chart of Accounts (COA) business rules, and properly map detail internal operational data and/or external financial or forecasting data, into your accounting and financial reporting system, to support early bird daily operational reporting, and standardize reporting.


Flexible Mapping Features
Incoming transaction accounting codes can be mapped to your company's Chart of Account codes using flexible masking rules that consider different combinations between the codes, or ranges of codes, that identify your properties, their respective departments, and the specific general ledger account impacted by the source transactions.


Create & Maintain Income Audit Transactions
Users responsible for processing external data can delete and edit imported transactions, as well as create additional transactions, which are stored to provide full audit trails for data integration and validation processes.


Data Validation and Audit Features
You can configure our application to support a multi level data entry, review and  approval workflow of all transactions that will be pushed to your accounting system. Pre-defined user profiles allow you to securely assign rights to data entry clerks, data entry supervisor, and financial transaction auditors.

A Simple Integration Process

Importing, mapping and validating financial and statistical operational data into your specific accounting and financial reporting system, either coming from internal systems (i.e. PMS, POS, Time & Attendance, and any other transactional systems), or from any external financial, forecasting and budgeting systems,  can be done following a simple Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) process.

Extraction of source data
Actual, forecast and budget values of external systems can be captured via a direct integration with the corresponding source system, an upload from MS Excel or similar files, or manually entered through our application's data entry screens.

Transformation of data to your specific business rules
Incoming data is run through our application's mapping and validation processes, creating internal transactions expressed in your specific Chart of Accounts and operational reporting structure, so that they can be pushed into your accounting and financial reporting system.


Load your data into your accounting and financial reporting system
All audited and validated transactions can be exported and integrated into your accounting and financial reporting system as “un-posted” GL journals so that your accounting team can review and confirm before final posting.


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