Simplify your
data management

Jump-Start your Data Warehouse based on a preconfigured and standardized data repository compliant with industry guidelines.


Industry Standard Data Warehouse

Allow key business users and System Administrators to easily manage and maintain the information associated with your properties, departments, accounts and KPIs. Internal and external data sources can easily be integrated based on configurable mappings to your own business rules, and used in your analysis in a consistent and uniform way.

Dynamic DW configuration features

Flexible Configuration of Industry Specific Data

The Data Warehouse comes pre-configured with more than 40 attributes to group your Properties (such as Owner, Management Company, Portfolio, Flag, Brand, Collection, etc.), plus more than 35 attributes to group your property Departments and Accounts to support multiple types of analysis. Authorized users can edit these attributes and even add or replace them in order to adapt the Data Warehouse to their specific needs.


 Simplified Metadata Maintenance

Your data can be maintained by authorized end-users using the on-line input forms that allow for single record edits, or in bulk through MS Excel file uploads or even uploading data files to an ftp site.


Flexible Data Pipeline Manager

Our HOBI Solutions include a series of pre-defined and pre-configured Pipelines that gather and integrate fact data (values) originated in various Source Systems. Through a series of transformation steps (including validation, mapping, currency translation and other actions), these pipelines populate the Fact Tables of our HOBI Solutions. Several Pipeline Templates are included as part of our HOB Solutions, and we assist our customers in the creation of additional ones as needed. Our HOBI Solution’s Pipelines can be executed manually or scheduled.


Pipelines work with Connectors which technically describe where to find a specific source data file and where to store temp files, error files, archive files, etc., and store credentials to access source store locations (ftp, mails, etc).

Our HOBI Solutions also include several pre-defined and editable Connectors to capture Financial & Operational data, Labor Performance data, STR Benchmark data, Bookings & Reservation data, CAPEX Spend data, Supply & Pipeline data, Reputation Survey data, Liquidity & Capitalization data, and Club Membership data.

Pre-Configured Data Warehouse

Keep your data up-to-date using our industry specific web based data warehouse application, and manage the processing of external data.

Data in compliance with industry standards and guidelines
Our Pre-Defined Objects include a pre-configured and customizable list of hotel industry specific Departments and Accounts (and their relationship for specific statistics and KPI analysis) compliant with industry guidelines such as USALI . They also include a series of pre-defined and customizable list of attributes to group different types of properties such as hotel Flag, Brands, Portfolios, etc. View Pre-Defined Hierarchies →

Extends your company's Chart of Account segments definitions
Our Pre-Defined Objects allow Properties to be grouped by multiple criteria, such as Owner, Brand / Flag, Territory, Collection, Portfolio, Mgt. Company, Type of Property, REIT classification, etc., while Departments and Accounts can be organized in different hierarchies for reporting and flexible analysis.

Targeted to multiple audiences, with customizable security based on user profile
System Administrators of our HOBI Solutions can configure security profiles to manage data confidentiality base on responsibility, either at the property and department level. Our Pre-Defined Objects include a series of roles for corporate executives, regional managers, operations executives, property general managers and Business Line Executives, Department Heads, and key business analytical users.


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