HOBI Pre-Defined Technology Objects help you jump-start your BI culture in weeks

Access and/or customize hundreds of ready-to-go and customizable predefined desktop and mobile dashboards, running on a secure cloud, to make intelligent decisions

Leverage our pre-configured & industry specific Data Warehouse and Integration Pipelines to store your business rules and capture trusted and governed data

Integrate your PMS, POS, and other operational and financial system through a pre-configured and extendable solution


Typical Use Cases considered

The pre-defined components and tools included in our HOBI Solutions help our team accelerate the delivery of enterprise analytics solutions to support the following Use Cases of companies that operate multiple hotels and resorts, managed by multiple management companies, and operated under several hotel flags and brands:

  • Financial & Operational KPIs Analytics

  • Room Bookings & PACE Analytics 

  • STR Benchmark Competitive Analytics

  • Labor Performance Analytics

  • CAPEX Spend Analytics

  • Hotel Performance HypeIntelligence

  • Hotel Operations Revenue Analysis

  • Hotel Operations Expense Analysis

  • Hotel Department's Expense Analysis

  • Club Membership Analytics

Through the hospitality solution's specific services provided by our Professional Services team, we assists our customers in customizing and/or extending them, as well as creating additional analytics solutions based on our customer's specific requirements and priorities.

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