We've selected the best technology platforms to deliver a powerful out-of-the-box business intelligence solution, with low total cost of ownership, ready for today and tomorrow.


The strength of our hospitality solution resides on a very well balanced combination of useful content for immediate and effective decision making, available on your desktop or mobile devices, that can be expanded as your business and market conditions change, running on the best technology that delivers high performance, reliability, and low total cost of ownership, and is available today and prepared for tomorrow.

Low Cost Cloud Based Solution 

Deployments of cloud based solutions are generally faster and less expensive than on-premises deployments. Our standard offering is based on a cloud deployment strategy using the most advanced technologies, resulting in the best hospitality focused analytics solution on the market at the lowest cost possible.

Powerful and Scalable Enterprise Analytics Platform
The MicroStrategy platform allows us to focus on what we do best, delivering HOBI, a powerful and user-friendly hospitality focused enterprise analytics that exceed our customers’ expectations, while experts handle all the infrastructure and underlying technology platform.

Scalable and Flexible Infrastructure
Our DIMS and DWIM products were developed based on industry standard Microsoft development tools, avoiding the use of proprietary technologies, and are deployed on the Amazon EC2 solution.

Award Winning and Recognized Technologies
Year over year, industry experts have recognized the companies providing our underlying technology as industry leaders and visionaries, from the business Intelligence and analytics platforms, to the operational data base management system used in DIMS and DWIM, to the cloud infrastructure as a service used to deploy and run our solution.


As a MicroStrategy solution provider since 2010, we've designed our business intelligence solution to take advantage of the powerful features and architecture of their enterprise analytics platform. Since then, we've been keeping our HOBI product compatible with the latest versions of their platform, including their latest and most advanced version  MicroStrategy 10 running on the MicroStrategy Secured Cloud and the Incite Cloud. The following are some of the key benefits of the MicroStrategy platform embedded in our HOBI product. 


Amazing Mobile Apps
Increase productivity and efficiency by mobilizing your enterprise today and providing the best mobile user experience.

Monitoring & Automation Tools
Dozens of out of the box reports and dashboards to track and monitor usage to improve business efficiency. 

Flexible Development Platform
Makes it easy and efficient to build additional custom extensions around a standard HOBI solution that will continue evolving. 

Performance & Scalability
New and integrated scalable and high performing in-memory engines achieve sub-second response times.

Integration of Self-Service Analytics
Built-in capabilities to deploy a governed self-service project that maintains a single version of the truth.

Enterprise-Grade Security
Multi-tier architecture that ensures integrity and protects your most sensitive information. 

Low Total Cost of Ownership
Runs in the cloud, with zero up-front capital expenditure, leveraging experts & economies of scale, for minimum risks.

Integrated Data Wrangling
Empowering data analysts to deliver deeper insights with intuitive and integrated data wrangling capabilities.

International Ready Platform
Multi-language features allow simpler and easy to maintain global deployments, and better user experience.


As a member of the Microsoft Developer Network since 2011, we developed our DWIM and DIMS solutions using the following Microsoft standard technologies.

Visual Studio .NET 2010
We programmed DIMS and DWIM using C# and the standard features of Visual Studio .NET 2010's development environment.

Internet Information Service (IIS)
Controls the publishing of our DIMS and DWIM solutions to the corresponding secured websites.


The libraries and objects of this application framework allowed us to create DIMS and DWIM as true web applications.

Windows Server 2012
Provides a secure, easy-to-manage, modular and extensible web server platform to host DIMS and DWIM. 

.NET Framework
All DIMS and DWIM's back end validations and executions of stored procedures or web services were created using this platform.

SQL Server 2014
Our DIMS and DWIM products run on SQL Server 2014 which provides core data management with minimal IT resources. 



Over the past couple of years, Amazon AWS transformed the landscape of the cloud market, moving beyond simply providing infrastructure to extending full-featured services that can build a foundation for end-to-end cloud services. With Amazon EC2 you can increase or decrease capacity within minutes, not hours or days, allowing you to run our DIMS and DWIM solutions based on the size of your business. 

Elastic infrastructure
Start small and then scale up in seconds, paying only for what is needed now without worrying about unused components.

Changing how BI is delivered
Deploying HOBI based on the AWS based MicroStrategy Secured Cloud reduces deployments from months to weeks.

Leverage next-generation technology to deliver high performance and reliable computing platform.

Uptime guarantee so that your employees can access their analytics from anywhere, anytime with the highest availability SLA. 


Best-in-class cloud security
With AWS MicroStrategy, security of your data meets or exceeds industry standards and best practices.

Low cost, low risk
With hourly subscription pricing, you can afford the best BI platform in the industry with no up-front costs and minimal risk.