Business Intelligence for Hospitality
Make informed decisions with our out-of-the-box BI solution based on the advanced analytics platform created by MicroStrategy. You will be able to analyze and manage the performance and operations of multiple hotels and resorts based on predefined dashboards, in a secure and cost effective cloud environment, and create your own ad-hoc analysis in a trusted and governed enterprise platform. 


Web & Mobile Dashboards
Use more than 200 out-of-the-box dashboards either from your desktop or mobile devices.

Governed Self-Service Analytics
Access your trusted data for ad-hoc analysis in a fast and effective way, leveraging the performance of 30+ intelligence cubes.

Predefined Metrics and KPIs
Leverage more than 2,500 pre-calculated metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your ad-hoc analysis.

Central Data Storage
Always access your up-to-date data maintained in our hospitality focused data warehouse.

Analyze your data from more than 3,000 predefined visualizations, such as maps, bar charts, bubble charts, time series, etc.

Cloud Based Solution
Benefit from a cost effective cloud platform and encourage self-service analytics in a trusted and governed environment.


Industry Specific Dashboards

All of our HOBI dashboards were designed to specifically address your needs, whether you are a hotel owner, management company, or operator. Our dashboards are grouped in ways to simplify your analysis, allowing you to start from a 30,000 ft executive view of your data, and then drilling down to the corresponding level of detail necessary to analyze operational and financial results.


Corporate Level Analysis
Do multi-property analysis and comparison based on top line KPIs, grouping your properties as your Asset Managers need, and display the results by region, market, or property. Perform top/bottom ranking analysis by multiple attributes, such as hotel brand or management company, based on different operational or financial KPIs.

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Operational Level Analysis
Compare each property's operational and financial performance to its corresponding STR competitive sets, on a single property basis or as a group of properties against their aggregated comp sets. Do side-by-side comparison by Property, Brand, Market, Management Company, or Portfolio. Analyze multi-year results, including comparison with year-of-acquisition, or simply analyze current year data compared with last year, budgets and forecast, displayed in multiple time intervals. 


Property Level Analysis
Review your properties total revenue, broken down by major departments, and analyze Room Revenue, ADR, Occupancy and RevPAR by specific market segments. Analyze your total property payroll expenses and statistics, as well as top operational expenses and their impact on GOP. Get a breakdown of fixed costs, and see their impact to EBITDA and flow calculations. Compare your actual results with your updated forecasts and annual budgets. 

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Departmental Level Analysis
Drill down into each departments performance, reviewing both operational and financial performance. Aggregate the revenue performance data from similar departments across multiple properties, including payroll and other operational expenses of both revenue generating and overhead departments.


Operational KPIs Analysis
Analyze your operational results using stunning visualizations, and discover hidden trends, relationships, and patterns. Leverage from hundreds of pre-defined operational metrics and KPIs by property or department. This will allow you to review your rooms operations results by specific market segments by each front-office location, or your food covers, capture and other F&B related KPIs by meal period by F&B outlet, or the number of golf rounds by type of player, etc. 

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Financial Results Analysis
Review the financial performance of your properties, and their respective departments, including P&L results, payroll expenses and labor analysis, and specific operational expenses. Analyze and aggregate this data in different time intervals or frequencies such as monthly, last 3 months, last 12 months, quarterly, annually, etc.


Mobile Information To Go

Leverages the powerful features of MicroStrategy's Mobile platform to provide information on the go. This will allow you to increase productivity and efficiency by mobilizing your business intelligence system, and put the power of enterprise analytics in the palm of your hand.


Making operations decisions on the spot
Hotel General Managers and Department Heads, who are typically moving from place to place within the property, or between properties, can instantly look up and analyze information about ADR and occupancy, competitor's performance data, variances to budgets and forecasts.

Manage multiple properties while on the road
Regional VPs and Asset Managers can analyze the performance of properties across multiple brands, or across a chain of hotels, while on the road, making comparisons to neighboring competitors, track occupancy and rate metrics closely, or manage flow-through across the properties with a quick swipe on their tablet or smartphone.

Increase productivity, visibility and efficiency
All key business users can stay connected and informed, increasing their productivity and effectiveness by accessing KPI and financial information through a mobile device, 24/7, and making time-sensitive business decisions.

Integrate & Map Your Data
Easily integrate your PMS, POS, and other operational system into your accounting system. Learn More 

Process & Manage Your Data
Leverage our industry specific data warehouse and ETL processes to store your trusted and governed data. Learn More