Adopting a business intelligence culture is not a project, it's a journey that only has a start date, as informed, timely and effective decision making never ends.


To successfully deploy our out-of-the-box hospitality solution and use it as a foundation for a mature BI culture, we rely on a knowledgeable team of functional and technical experts, led by experienced professionals that follow a practical and agile methodology, based on best practices, and following a package enabled business intelligence approach which considers the following:

Quick-Hit Solutions
Immediately improve your decision making process, in alignment with your data governance policies, by leveraging from our Quick Hit Implementation service of our out-of-the-box solution that includes industry standard KPIs, calculations and dashboards, as well as thoroughly tested data integration processes.

Governed Custom Extensions
Use MicroStrategy's Monitoring tools to Identify those user driven self-services analytics solutions that are candidates to be promoted to be part of the standard solution. Use our out-of-the-box custom extensions features to deliver such solutions while still benefiting from future releases of the standard product. 


Empower Self-Service Analytics
Leverage from out-of-the-box intelligent cubes that contain governed and trusted data, along with MicroStrategy's powerful Analytics tools to empower business users to create and share their own insights based on the same information displayed by the standard solution, combined with additional data from diverse data sources.

Scalable & Focused Teams
Benefit from our ability to setup, organize and manage multiple teams of MicroStrategy and cloud platform experts from our HOBI certified strategic alliances that complement our professional services team to deliver accelerated training, custom extensions development, and platform resources optimization.


Change Management
Keep the proper alignment between technology, infrastructure, people and processes, while assuring data quality compliant with the company's data governance policies by following the change management guidelines provided by our team during the quick implementation of our out-of-the-box solutions.

Agile Product Enhancements
Continue to receive future updates of the standard product that incorporates our customer's requests for new features, while protecting your investment in custom extension efforts. These enhancements are developed based on an agile development process that allows short cycle deliveries aligned with the latest version of its underlying technology platform.

Benefit From Best Practices

Our package enabled business intelligence approach also leverages the best practices embedded in our TIP2Quality methodology that our network of consultants use in large projects when our customers require our assistance to tightly integrate our solution, and its underlying technology platform, to other existing transactional and reporting systems. 

Jump-Start your company’s BI culture
Our implementation approach for our standard out-of-the-box package provides our customers an infrastructure that brings together decision making groups from a variety of functions (owners, managers, operators, finance), based on a platform that allows monitoring based on real use metrics, which encourages in an incremental mode, business users to create their own analytics solutions to expand the power and reach of the BI platform.

Implement sustainable data discovery
Our approach helps our customers' business users to create their own specific analysis of the trusted and governed data displayed in the standard product's dashboards, combined with additional data sources that provide additional insights into the same data, while allowing the Data Governance team to monitor these business user driven solutions and identify those that should be promoted for enterprise use.  

Adopt an agile BI environment
It helps identify user-driven self-service analytics solutions that are candidates for data governance certification and future integration to the enterprise analytical platform delivered to all users, either as “Custom Extensions” to the standard product, or as part of the certified Ad-Hoc Analysis options. Included also, are the associated ETL processes needed to consider new data sources and content in a certified environment.