About Us

HOBI Solution is a business unit of The HADA Group that focuses on delivering integrated Business Intelligence solutions, based on the MicroStrategy platform, to companies that own, operate and/or manage different types of hotels, resorts and/or similar lodging operations.



Our Company


Founded in February 1996, The HADA Group is business and technology consulting company that helps integrate applications and data sources to provide practical and cost effective enterprise business intelligence solutions based on the MicroStrategy platform. 

Our headquarters are located in Boca Raton, FL, and we have agents and local representatives in the USA, Argentina and Jamaica.

Our HOBI Solutions business unit was created in 2003, and since then, has achieved the following key milestones

Key Milestones 

  • 2003: Delivery of custom integration tools for hospitality
  • 2009: Began development of Hospitality Suite 
  • 2010: Became a MicroStrategy Solution Provider
  • 2012: First release of Hospitality Suite
  • 2014: Second major release in MicroStrategy 9.3.x
  • 2015: Third major release in MicroStrategy 10.1.x
  • 2016: Fourth major release in MicroStrategy 10.4.x

Some Differentiators

Industry Focus

Leveraging the vast experience accumulated over the past 30+ years by our team in different key business areas such as operations, logistics, procurement, planning, budgeting, accounting, and information technology, The HADA Group started in 2003 focusing its efforts on providing integrated back-office and business intelligence solutions to the following type of companies in the hospitality industry:


Owners / Investors of Hotels and Resorts

  • Multiple properties of different types such as luxury resorts, casinos, select service hotels, limited services hotels, country clubs, and marinas
  • Properties managed by multiple Asset Managers and through different investment portfolios
  • Properties managed directly, as well as managed by one or multiple management companies
  • Other real estate related properties

Chains of Luxury Resorts & Hotels

  • Multiple buildings by resort
  • Multiple front-desk operations by hotel
  • Multiple F&B outlets of different type
  • Casino operations
  • Resort Operations (Golf, Tennis, Marina, Spa, Water Park, Beach & Rec., Ski)
  • Other Revenue Ops (Retail, Telecom, Business Center, Condo Management., Rentals, Club Membership)


Hotel Management Companies

  • Multiple properties of different types such as luxury resorts, casinos, select services and/or limited services hotels, country clubs, and/or marinas
  • Properties managed by multiple Regional Managers
  • Properties managed either centrally via a Shared Services Organization, or decentralized
  • Management of hotels owned by different owners and/or under one of multiple flags and/or brands

Chains of Select & Limited Service Hotels

  • Basic Rooms Operations
  • Simple F&B and Retail Operations
  • Simple undistributed departmental operations
  • Limited distributed departmental operations
  • Located in many different markets
  • Related to multiple hotel flags and brands

By applying our Enterprise BI Architecture and Program Management best practices, our team of experts work with our customers executives and IT leaders in creating the corresponding blueprints to the target integrated enterprise level BI solution that best suits the company priorities and capabilities, and that promotes self-service data discovery, in a trusted and governed data environment, either with our standard HOBI solution, or through a customized version that includes customer specific dashboards, and/or customer specific data integration processes.

Our Executive Team

Our executive team is led by the following professionals:


Horacio Agostinelli Jr - President, Founder and Managing Director of The HADA Group, LLC, with more than 30 years of experience in the information systems industry with expertise in the areas of architecture, design, development, implementation, consulting and project management. Responsible for product strategy, marketing, sales, solution architecture, program management, and quality standards.

Sergio Rozenwasser - Managing Director of The HADA Group, LLC, with more than 35 years of experience in the information technology and consulting business, especially in logistics and supply chain operations. Responsible for solutions development, implementation, data and systems integration, custom extensions, and project management.

Ron Roswell, Jr - Director of The HADA Group, LLC, with more than 30 years of experience in the implementation of accounting, budgeting and forecasting systems. Responsible for quality assurance, documentation, training, customer support and account management.